Secular Moral Guidence from James Allen in ‘As A Man Thinketh’

“As a man thinketh in his heart so he is.”

“A nobel and Godlike character is not a thing of favor or chance, but is the natural result of continued effort in right thinking, the effect of long-cherished association with Godlike thoughts.”

“Circumstance does not make the man; it reveals him to himself.”

“Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.”

“Not what he wishes and prays for does a man get,  but what he justly earns. His wishes and prayers are only gratified and answered when they harmonize with his thoughts and actions.”

“Here is a man who is wretchedly poor. He is extremely anxious that his surroundings and home comforts be improved, yet all the time he shirks his work s, and considers he is justified in trying to decieve his employer on the ground of the insufficiency of his wages. Such a man does not understand the simplest rudiments of those principles which are the basis if true prosperity,  and is not only totally unfitted tp rise out of his wretchedness, but is actually attracting himself a still deeper wretchedness by dwelling in, and acting out, indolent,  deceptive,  and unmanly thoughts.”

“Circumstances…are so complicated, thought is so deeply rooted, and the conditions of happiness vary so vastly with individuals,  that a man’s entire soul-condition (although it may be known to himself) cannot be judged by another from the external aspect of his life alone…the conclusion usually formed that the one man fails because of his particular honesty,  and the other prospers because of particular dishonesty, is the result of superficial judgement.”

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RE: Why I Retired at 26

With all the breaking new in concussion research in the NFL, one would assume that hearing of a young man who has decided on his own accord to step away from the game he hass spent a large part of his life playing to persue his other passions would be celebrated. However, for Rashard Mendenhall, this hasn’t necessarily been the case. Sure, there have been some that admire his choice. But, on the contrary there has been a great amount of criticism of his choice. 

As a former football player myself, the only thing I may envy Rashard for is actually having that choice to make.  Many athletes come of age in a world where intelligence is routinely assulted, living with the asumption that the singular goal from the lifetime of hardwork and sacifice is an NFL contract that can use to fund glutony. A false assumption to say the least. The lifetime of hardwork is often selfless. More times than not, the dream of “making it” has more to do with extending your blessing to those who have been a blessing to you. Its not something that many people who weren’t afforded the opportunity to compete on a high level can bring themselves to understand.
One of college teammates did a good job artuculating the feelings of many athletes, atleast I am one of them;

Envy. The 99.98% of the American population that will never have an opportunity to play always say “if I had all that God-given talent I wouldn’t just throw it away”
I would like to break down this common phrase by common people;
If one was to become an NFL prospect it is not all God-given. One would overstand hardwork and dedication to the craft of one’s position that it takes to reach the NFL.
Weight room + Nutrition + Conditioning + Film Study + Team Practice + Individual Practice + Extra Conditioning + Extra Individual Practice + Voluntary (Mandatory) Workouts + Team Meetings + Position Meetings, etc….
Throw away a wife, kids, and college degree for money and maybe, an NFL pension.
[On the otherhand] One can live a modest life, enjoying time with their wife and kids, contribute to their community with job that utitilizes their college degree, and save their body from brain injury or crippling age progression or paralysis.
This society faults athletes for only being athletes, but the one that decides he does not want to be defined as a “football player,” he is shunned by said society. (Shaking my damn head)
The United States of America

-A. Collier

While my thoughts don’t exactly mirror those those words, I agree with the overall message. Too often people are defined more by what they do than who they are. Our society has made it difficult to seperate the difference between performance and persona. Performance may be influenced by who we are but not necessarily in reverse. Lots of people dream for present that has yet to arrive. The only essential aspect of my dream is the setting, a place where people can do what they love and go home to be the individuals they are meant to be.

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*New Music* Alex Ruby – alex (produced by Uncle Trini)

Alex Ruby lets loose his Uncle Trini produced track “alex” to smoke to until his untitled project drops sometime this Summer.

Produced by Uncle Trini – @UncleTrini


Twitter: @_alexruby

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This is how every kid should look who’s parents work hard for those Lebron’s.

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A Lesson in Losing

Earlier today, I was reading this lame story online about why kids should get trophies even when they dont win and why some youth sports leagues dont keep score to promote the idea that everybody is a winner. All I could do was shake my head and remind myself how thankful I am to be born in 1986 rather than 2006.

You may have young children, read that and say “wait until you have kids” If so, I will respond with a slap to my own face. This is a AMERICA! A country built on competition. Beyond the constitution, it is the foundation of this country. We love winners. Why else do you think so many people all of sudden became Seahawks fans? Dont get me wrong I wanted them to win the Super Bowl too, but I also remember them being horrible my entire life until two years ago. For a better example, look at the New York Yankees fan base. Only Machester United or the English Premier League in futbol rivals them internationally. They have fans who dont even know what a balk is or that they have won 27 World Series Championships. However, they do know that they have the most. And though they haven’t won one since 2009, doesn’t matter, they are WINNERS!

I know it was long winded but I say all that as a preclude to a great story about my mother and how her semi-harsh words to a 10 year old QB planted the seed for my work ethic, appreciation for accomplishment, ability to set goals, and understanding of what perseverance actually means.

When I was 10 I played on 11U basketball team that won maybe 2 of our 16 games and lost one of them 60-1 (Shout out to my boy Earl for hitting one of those free throws). At the end of season my mom, who held the role of “team mom,” was organizing our team banquet aka pizza party. As an insider, I remember using my juice to find out the details. She told me it would be more pizza than 12 boys could eat and that there would be plenty of room for us to be 10 year old boys without receiving a lifetime ban. But, I wanted to know the good stuff and the next question and answer I will never forget no matter how exaggerated the preclude was.
Me: “Hey mom, what kinda trophies are we gonna get?”
Mom: “Trophies?(chuckle) You guys didn’t win anything. We’re getting you paperweights to remember the season.”
Me: “PAPERWEIGHTS? That sucks.”
Mom: “Well.”
At the time I remember waking away not really hurt or disappointed but definitely not looking forward to the pizza party. Lets just say my teammates had the same thoughts as I did when they recieved their commemorative gifts.

I held on to that paper weight and it is still at my mom’s house with all the other awards accumulated over the years. I went to play for many more successful teams and earn several “real” awards of achievement but, that one is my favorite. The “loser plaque,” as I call it, helped me remember how much I hated losing. In fact, as I got older I realized I actually hated losing more than I enjoyed winning.

Losing breeds character. Losing shows us how hard we have to work to be successful when the next opportunity comes around. Losing doesn’t make you a loser, it reveals your desire to be a winner. Stop giving your kids trophies for losing. When they do lose and cry because it hurts, dont hug them and don’t tell them how great they still are. Let them feel it. Because it is that feeling that will make them champions in life.

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An example of why not to expect people to understand your problems

I wish I could respond this way when people send emails at work about things that only effect them outside of work. Im sure I could but unfortunately for the opportunity hasn’t presented itself yet.

I am extremely emotional over this and was up all night in tears.

I am not a big fan of cats. I do not hate them, I just have no interest in them whatsoever. If I visit your house, I do not want to pat your cat, sit on the couch where it has been or have you make me a sandwich after patting it. I didn’t want that sandwich anyway. The Maxwell house coffee was bad enough and when you smelt the milk to see if it was still ok, despite being a week past its use by date, I saw your nose touch the carton.
I actually rescued a cat once. I was walking across a bridge, over a river that was in flood, when I heard mewing and saw a frantic cat being pulled along. I picked up a fairly hefty branch and threw it over the rail to where the cat was. I did not see it after that but I am pretty sure it would have climbed on and ridden the branch over the next set of rapids and waterfall to safety.

From: Shannon Walkley
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 9.15am
To: David Thorne
Subject: Poster

I opened the screen door yesterday and my cat got out and has been missing since then so I was wondering if you are not to busy you could make a poster for me. It has to be A4 and I will photocopy it and put it around my suburb this afternoon.

This is the only photo of her I have she answers to the name Missy and is black and white and about 8 months old. missing on Harper street and my phone number.
Thanks Shan.
From: David Thorne
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 9.26am
To: Shannon Walkley
Subject: Re: Poster

Dear Shannon,
That is shocking news. Luckily I was sitting down when I read your email and not half way up a ladder or tree. How are you holding up? I am surprised you managed to attend work at all what with thinking about Missy out there cold, frightened and alone… possibly lying on the side of the road, her back legs squashed by a vehicle, calling out “Shannon, where are you?”
Although I have two clients expecting completed work this afternoon, I will, of course, drop everything and do whatever it takes to facilitate the speedy return of Missy.
Regards, David.
From: Shannon Walkley
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 9.37am
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Poster

yeah ok thanks. I know you dont like cats but I am really worried about mine. I have to leave at 1pm today.

From: David Thorne
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 10.17am
To: Shannon Walkley
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Poster

Dear Shannon,
I never said I don’t like cats. Once, having been invited to a party, I went clothes shopping beforehand and bought a pair of expensive G-Star boots. They were two sizes too small but I wanted them so badly I figured I could just wear them without socks and cut my toenails very short. As the party was only a few blocks from my place, I decided to walk. After the first block, I lost all feeling in my feet. Arriving at the party, I stumbled into a guy named Steven, spilling Malibu & coke onto his white Wham ‘Choose Life’ t-shirt, and he punched me. An hour or so after the incident, Steven sat down in a chair already occupied by a cat. The surprised cat clawed and snarled causing Steven to leap out of the chair, slip on a rug and strike his forehead onto the corner of a speaker; resulting in a two inch open gash. In its shock, the cat also defecated, leaving Steven with a wet brown stain down the back of his beige cargo pants. I liked that cat.
Attached poster as requested.
Regards, David.

From: Shannon Walkley
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 10.24am
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Poster

yeah thats not what I was looking for at all. it looks like a movie and how come the photo of Missy is so small?

From: David Thorne
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 10.28am
To: Shannon Walkley
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Poster

Dear Shannon,
It’s a design thing. The cat is lost in the negative space.
Regards, David.
From: Shannon Walkley
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 10.33am
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Poster

Thats just stupid. Can you do it properly please? I am extremely emotional over this and was up all night in tears. you seem to think it is funny. Can you make the photo bigger please and fix the text and do it in colour please. Thanks.
From: David Thorne
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 10.46am
To: Shannon Walkley
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Poster

Dear Shannon,
Having worked with designers for a few years now, I would have assumed you understood, despite our vague suggestions otherwise, we do not welcome constructive criticism. I don’t come downstairs and tell you how to send text messages, log onto Facebook and look out of the window. I am willing to overlook this faux pas due to you no doubt being preoccupied with thoughts of Missy attempting to make her way home across busy intersections or being trapped in a drain as it slowly fills with water. I spent three days down a well once but that was just for fun.
I have amended and attached the poster as per your instructions.
Regards, David.

From: Shannon Walkley
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 10.59am
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Poster

This is worse than the other one. can you make it so it shows the whole photo of Missy and delete the stupid text that says missing missy off it? I just want it to say lost.
From: David Thorne
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 11.14am
To: Shannon Walkley
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Poster

From: Shannon Walkley
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 11.21am
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Poster

yeah can you do the poster or not? I just want a photo and the word lost and the telephone number and when and where she was lost and her name. Not like a movie poster or anything stupid. I have to leave early today. If it was your cat I would help you. Thanks.
From: David Thorne
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 11.32am
To: Shannon Walkley
Subject: Awww

Dear Shannon,
I don’t have a cat. I once agreed to look after a friend’s cat for a week but after he dropped it off at my apartment and explained the concept of kitty litter, I kept the cat in a closed cardboard box in the shed and forgot about it. If I wanted to feed something and clean faeces, I wouldn’t have put my mother in that home after her stroke. A week later, when my friend came to collect his cat, I pretended that I was not home and mailed the box to him. Apparently I failed to put enough stamps on the package and he had to collect it from the post office and pay eighteen dollars. He still goes on about that sometimes, people need to learn to let go.
I have attached the amended version of your poster as per your detailed instructions.
Regards, David.

From: Shannon Walkley
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 11.47am
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Awww

Thats not my cat. where did you get that picture from? That cat is orange. I gave you a photo of my cat.
From: David Thorne
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 11.58am
To: Shannon Walkley
Subject: Re: Re: Awww

I know, but that one is cute. As Missy has quite possibly met any one of several violent ends, it is possible you might get a better cat out of this. If anybody calls and says “I haven’t seen your orange cat but I did find a black and white one with its hind legs run over by a car, do you want it?” you can politely decline and save yourself a costly veterinarian bill.
I knew someone who had a basset hound that had its hind legs removed after an accident and it had to walk around with one of those little buggies with wheels. If it had been my dog I would have asked for all its legs to be removed and replaced with wheels and had a remote control installed. I could charge neighbourhood kids for rides and enter it in races. If I did the same with a horse I could drive it to work. I would call it Steven.
Regards, David.
From: Shannon Walkley
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 12.07pm
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Awww

Please just use the photo I gave you.
From: David Thorne
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 12.22pm
To: Shannon Walkley
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Awww

From: Shannon Walkley
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 12.34pm
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Awww

I didnt say there was a reward. I dont have $2000 dollars. What did you even put that there for? Apart from that it is perfect can you please remove the reward bit. Thanks Shan.
From: David Thorne
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 12.42pm
To: Shannon Walkley
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Awww

From: Shannon Walkley
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 12.51pm
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Awww

Can you just please take the reward bit off altogether? I have to leave in ten minutes and I still have to make photocopies of it.
From: David Thorne
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 12.56pm
To: Shannon Walkley
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Awww

From: Shannon Walkley
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 1.03pm
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Awww

Fine. That will have to do.

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Rob Ford…Legen…..DARY

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, recently made it a point to address some issues that he has come under scrutiny for as of late. However, it was his response to a sexual harrasment claim that has really caught people’s attention. I thought Marion Barry was something being from the DMV area, but this guy takes the cake….BY A LOOOONNG SHOT!

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The Ledge in Life By Brandon Conway

Tormented by the ledge in life,

Fight with not an ounce of strife,

No common end,

Just common threads,

Very little the same,

Just common men,

In a common world with anticipated end,

Will it just stop,

Or will another story begin.

See, I thought I would write all that I perceive,

But are views aren’t the same,

Abstract claimed me.

My spirit arrested my mind,

I walk in one peace,

You think I spelled it wrong,

But who are you to say the least.

Come take a walk in my heart,

Learn the streets around me.

My address doesn’t exist,

Because I refuse to be earthly.

It’s amazing how we grow,

Physically and Mentally,

Just like walking,

One foot is forced to lead.

I dreamed of my being to be of greatness,

Nothing less.

There is more to be mentioned,

So I will begin to profess,

We’re born to take risk,

It determines what’s up next.

I was just so afraid to fail,

I refused to read the text.

Book after book, I began to feed my soul,

My spirit reacted and reclaimed its initial hold,

I’m not a boy, I am a striving MAN,

So from here on out,

I’ll be my number one fan.

I will take full control, and calculated risk,

I will walk to that ledge with a balled up fist.

I know this is not a battle amongst our physical beings,

This is a battle for the Brains of the spiritual supreme.

So remember that we are all assortments of walking dreams,

And that someday, will be that day, you’re last seen!

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Without definition or explanation for how I’m feeling I spend much of my free time searching for meaning. Simultaneously gaining understanding for why desperate men make rash decisions that are potentially detrimental to their overall well-being for the sake a few days of “happiness.”

Of course, acting upon these temptations all while rationalizing these thoughts would only prove hypocritical of the ideals those with very few options live by – I mean after all, we work hard to live by a certain “code of ethics.” Moreover, these thoughts alone are as selfish as acting upon them and will easily produce more agony and strife than relief and comfort.

It’s merely a proactive coup, as consequences are inevitable. Going toe to toe with a bull when you aren’t afraid is easy. The real victory comes to he who fights the bull even when consumed by fear. He has conquered uncertainty and found the strength to overcome obstacles, no matter how insurmountable they may first appear. This man is a true warrior, a champion of life’s coliseum.

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New Artist *Alex Ruby* NeW MiXtApE + Bonus Content

Alex Ruby is a visionary from NY who currently resides in Charlotte,NC. Alex Ruby uses his creative vision to rap and produce his way into the playlists of anybody with ears. With playful wordplay and production influences from artist such as Charles Hamilton, J DIlla, Heatmakerz and more, Ruby is sure to captivate.

Arcade Sparks1

North Carolina rapper Alex Ruby drops his debut mixtape Arcade Sparks with the aid of his COTA collective and outside help from 3l$’s XavierLee, The Mane himself Mike Of Doom, and Kamo’s Conley P. Production is handled by Alex Ruby himself and the likes of Basketball Williams, Trini!, and more.

Mixtape Link:

Twitter : @_alexruby


Alex Ruby drops a random single with a 70’s Bollywood sample.

twitter: @_alexruby


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